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The Hall
Class of Season 1
Dan Aykroyd - Cast Member

Part of the inaugural cast it’s only fitting that we acknowledge the contribution of Dan Aykroyd. From Bassomatic salesman to Blues Brother, from Conehead to Update desk Dan helped define the comedy of a generation and set the world of comedy alight. It’s a delight to induct this amazing performer into the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Chris Farley - Cast Member

Chris Farley was a performer who gave every ounce of his energy to every performance he was ever in. He would drip sweat, he would go wherever the sketch needed him to be go get the laughs but more than that he was loved and adored by those who worked with him. With great enthusiasm we welcome Chris Farley to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Tina Fey - Writer

Tina Fey was a revolutionary, she served as a cast member, Update host and writer before becoming the first woman head writer of the show. Using this opportunity she transformed the culture of the show’s writer’s room elevating voices and kicking off a modern golden age of Saturday Night Live. It’s with great honour we induct Tina Fey to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Phil Hartman - Cast Member

Phil Hartman’s ability as a performer was truly outstanding, his ability as a comedian was second to none but his capacity as a writer was seldom fully recognized but has to be acknowledged. Able to deliver charismatic charm or slick disdain at a moment’s notice off stage he was kind and humble making him truly loved. It’s with true pleasure we induct Phil Hartman into the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Steve Martin - Host

Art enthusiast, bluegrass musician and magician are three ways Steve Martin would describe himself. We describe him as the creator of iconic characters, the performer of one of the most memorable moments of musical comedy in comedy history and a fixture of early Saturday Night Live for many he was as much the face of SNL as many of the cast members and he’s continued to his involvement in the show to this day. With great honour we induct Steve Martin into the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Eddie Murphy - Cast Member

Eddie Murphy was just 19 when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in season 6 and during his time with the show he inarguably saved it from obscurity. His vision was unique and his voice was distinct creating memorable characters and memories that make generations laugh to this day. For all this and many more reasons we induct Eddie Murphy into the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Gilda Radner - Cast Member

The first to be cast and arguably the true heart of the original The Not Ready For Prime Time Players she was a performer that everyone loved and is truly missed. Gilda Radner was able to channel sprite like glee and cheerful innocence but also a cruel humour that could cut to the bone as the moment needed. It is with true honour we induct Gilda Radner to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

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