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The Hall
Alec Baldwin - Host

Few performers can say they spent part of their honeymoon hosting Saturday Night Live but that’s just how much Alec Baldwin loved the show. A fixture for years he was game to talk about his Schweddy Balls, creep out Canteen Boy or flaunt it in the Platinum Lounge. We welcome Alec Baldwin to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Will Ferrell - Cast Member

A giant in the world of comedy Will Ferrell swept the nominations with his easy charm, great humour and amazing characters. Whether it’s an annoyed Alex Trebek or an enthusiastic Spartan cheerleader Will Ferrell will always get a laugh. With great pride we welcome Will Ferrell to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Bill Hader - Cast Member

The man of a million voices Bill Hader lit up every sketch he was in as both a utility player and a stand out star. Always game to go the extra mile even if that means being an Alan. We welcome Bill Hader to the esteemed halls of the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Tom Hanks - Host

From his time on Bosom Buddies to when he became America’s Dad Tom Hanks has charm for days. One of the few hosts to receive their own Best Of DVD Tom Hanks is a fixture in Saturday Night Live history. We give thanks for Hanks joining the ranks at the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Norm Macdonald - Cast Member

Norm Macdonald was the master of the long walk, his dry and at times absurdist humour often obscured the keen intelligence behind his sketches. He was a man who believed in his material often when others did not proving time and time again he was the funny one. It’s an honour and a privilege to induct Norm Macdonald to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Seth Meyers - Writer

Seth Myers was and remains an incredible advocate elevating some of the most hilarious voices of a generation and giving them a platform to shine including his best scene partner the incredible Stefon. We happily induct Seth Myers into the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame

Mike Myers - Cast Member

When Scarborough native Mike Myers was cutting his teeth with the Second City Main stage casts no one doubted he was destined for stardom. Mike Myers youthful energy electrified a generation of Saturday Night Live fans who found it excellent. So party on Mike Myers and welcome to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

Kristen Wiig - Cast Member

Few if any cast members received the send off Kristen Wiig received as she left Saturday Night Live. This is in no small part as to how much she was loved as a performer and a cast member by her peers as well as the audience. It’s a wonderful pleasure to welcome Kristen Wiig to the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame.

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