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Special Thanks

Matt Brown, Dean Rainey, Jared Cohen, Casey Lyons

This project came together as most do, with a throw-away conversation about the alleged Connolly/Trevorrow script that Jamie had with Matt Brown.


After giving the script a read through Jamie pitched the idea of a live reading to Matt and the ball started to roll. 

From there Jamie began talking about the project with Dean Rainey of Rainey Media about the logistics of such a project. 


After hours of planning, casting, recording, editing and promotion Jamie knew he needed more to put this project over the top. Enter Jared Cohen and Casey Lyons. 

Jared took on the task of creating rich vocal effects from nothing. And Casey imagined and created the wonderful music you hear in what is essentially the best this fledgling podcast network has to offer

Without the help, Jamie received through pep-talks, test edits, suggestions and more this project would have never seen the light of day.


Please check out the other podcasts I produce here at Dewvre with some really exceptional people. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy.


Lastly, Jamie is always looking for the next great podcast. If you've got an idea and you need production or engineering help or simply want a question or two answered you can reach out to Jamie here. 

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