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Jake Gold


Jake Gold is an American-born Canadian musician manager. He was a judge on the Canadian Idol television program. In addition to Idol participants, he has managed Canadian artists The Tragically Hip, The Watchmen, The Cliks and Sass Jordan.


Gold was born in New Jersey. His family moved to Toronto when he was a small child.


Gold started his management company, The Management Trust, in the 1980s. He managed the Tragically hip for seventeen years, ending in 2003, and was also manager for the band Big Wreck.

In 2002 Gold was chosen as a judge for the television talent contest show Canadian Idol, and held this role for six seasons.


The Management Trust (MGM Trust), later represented artists Adam Cohen, and Crash Karma as well as music producers me&john, Moe Berg, Russell Broom, Terry Brown and Laurence Currie. He has been awarded Manager of the Year three times by the Canadian Music Industry.

Jake was a guest on the Fully & Completely podcast in 2019. 

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