Matthew Price is a grizzled old prospector of pop culture who can’t stop opening his big fat mouth. Check out his nonsense on Twitter

Saturday Night Live apologist and otherwise general nuisance Justin Renwick can be found roaming the streets regularly muttering useless comedy and music trivia to himself. 

John Murray is an enjoyer of funny things, and also of some serious things. But he slightly prefers the funny things to the serious things. Though, the serious things do have their place too. But funny things are where it's at! Unless "where it's at" happens to be a funeral. Speaking of funerals... check out John's podcast:

But in all seriousness, John is an internet content producer and co-founder of Spry—a digital marketing agency in Windsor, Ontario.

John enjoys the sound of his own voice, Saturday Night Live and podcasts.

Find John on all the things @SNLPodcast.

Casey Lyons is a musician, a sound engineer, a podcaster, a bitch, a lover, a child, a mother. His work can be found at

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