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Paul Langlois


Paul Langlois is perhaps best known as the guitarist of The Tragically Hip. With two solo albums under his belt, and cross-country tours to support them, Paul has been quick to make a name for himself independently from the band.


He released his sophomore solo album Not Guilty in late 2013 through his own independent record label, Ching Music. The album was recorded in one week at The Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, Ontario with music engineers Aaron Holmberg and Nyles Spencer.


"Recording this album with a band turned out to be a lot more fun and interesting for me than doing my first album," said Langlois. "I didn't have to worry about the drums and bass and building a song from scratch this time - I just had to plug in, and play and sing the tunes, and the band was right there with me. I'm happy with this record and the songs on it. In the end, I look at it as a document of the ten best songs I had at the time that we recorded and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to make it.”


Unlike Langlois' first solo album Fix This Head, which he recorded and produced by himself, Not Guilty focuses on a collaborative effort with fellow musicians Jeff Montgomery, Mauro Sepe and The Tragically Hip's Rob Baker. The album captures Langlois' growth as a solo artist and singer-songwriter, showcasing his powerful lyrics and tight guitar riffs for which he is known. Featuring 10 tracks, the record moves effortlessly from hard-driving hits like the lead single "Not Guilty" and "Watching You" to mellow roots inspired tracks like the slow-burning "Waiting on My Train.”

Paul was a guest on the Fully & Completely podcast in 2018. 

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