the Sloan Selection podcast

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With a career spanning almost 30 years, 12 full-length albums, a Juno, a Polaris Heritage award for Twice Removed (an album in perpetual conversation as Canada's finest), several East Coast Music Awards, and exactly zero line-up changes, there is no better definition for longevity than Sloan.


With a band consisting of four accomplished songwriters, the Sloan catalogue is vast, deep and dynamic. A veritable treasure trove of rock and roll that has captivated audiences above and below the 45th parallel.


Join hosts Jamie Dew and Jeremy Schultz as they explore and celebrate Sloan's musical career through a 64 song, single-elimination style tournament.


Each week will see two songs face-off and voted on by you, the listener, until one is crowned the favourite. Join the community and get nerdy with a couple of lifelong Sloan fans and discover your favourite songs, all over again.

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