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Episode I: In the first episode of this nine-part audio series we catch up with Finn, Poe, Rose and BB-8 as they attempt to destroy a First Order asset.

Episode II: Hux tries to play hardball with a group of Warlords, while Kylo Ren is out searching for information that will lead him to the power he seeks. Rose, Finn, Poe and Rey reconvene with the Resistance and hatch a plot to gain the support of the galaxy.

Episode III: Kylo Ren reconvenes with Hux to discuss strategy. Poe addresses the Resistance about their plan to leverage a force powered antenna. Rey is compelled to follow the visions she’s been haunted by.

Episode IV: Kylo Ren meets the Sith Master Tor Valum on Remnicore, while Rey and Poe search for Nomi and a path to Mortis. Meanwhile Finn and Rose head to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple to launch the Resistance’s message of hope to the galaxy.

Episode V: Kylo Ren looks to complete his training with Tor Valum.  Rey and Poe run into a road block on Bonadan while Rose and Finn send Leia’s call for action across the galaxy!

Episode VI: Kylo Ren and Rey both make their way to Mortis.  Leis prepares to visit an old friend while Finn meets a new one and hatches a plan.

Episode VII: Kylo Ren and Rey are both haunted by visions of their past as they make their way to the Temple on Mortis. The Resistance prepares for a war to free the galaxy.

Episode VIII: Rey and Kylo Ren battle atop the Temple of Mortis while the Resistance mounts an epic ground battle led by Finn and an air strike led by Poe. Meanwhile Rose struggles to get an important message to General Leia.

Episode IX: The Resistance makes a last stand against the First Order while Kylo Ren seeks out the life force that Mortis has to offer.

Duel of the Fates is more than a table reading of the leaked Trevorrow/Connolly script for Star Wars episode 9. With a lush soundscape including sound fx and an original score composed by Casey Lyons, this audio drama is the product of hours of work by more than 40 talented voice actors. The project was produced by Dewvre podcasts and such and directed and edited by Jamie Dew. What’s more: the entirety of this radio drama was created in isolation during COVID-19.

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