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My name is Jamie and I am a podcaster and mental health advocate.
This is my story. 

I started my first podcast, "The Chill" in 2009. It lasted one episode. In 2013 I began production on “the Dew Over”, a film podcast focused on the Academy Award for Best Picture that asked an esteemed panel whether each Best Picture Oscar awarded over the years truly went to the most deserving film, or if they’d vote to do it over and pick a new Best Picture. The show was well received in the nascent days of podcasting, climbing to number one on the iTunes Film and Television chart, and earning coverage from the AV Club’s Podmass column. Following a run of more than 25 episodes, I moved away from film and started production on a music podcast that focuses on the seminal Canadian supergroup the Tragically Hip. The podcast, “Fully and Completely”, was a smash hit, charting as high as number eight on the Apple Podcast Music charts. With close to 200,000 downloads the show explored the Hip’s catalogue one album at a time and featured many high-profile guests, including Alan Cross, Eric Alper, Jake Gold, and Paul Langlois, the band’s rhythm guitarist and background vocal wizard.  Concurrent with that production, I launched a mental wellness podcast called “A Show of Strength”. The community built around this movement has helped raise almost $20,000 for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Peaking at 28 on the iTunes podcast charts, I logged my journey with mental illness and told stories about the choices I made and the people I met along the way.  When COVID hit I embarked on my most ambitious production yet, “Duel of the Fates”, a dramatization of the leaked Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly script for Star Wars Episode IX. Combining the work of more than 40 voice actors and recorded amid the pandemic lockdowns With an original score by Casey Lyons, and special effects by Rainey Media, DOTF was the Star Wars podcast people were clamouring for. The show charted all over the world in the now highly competitive film and television category on Apple Podcasts.  My obsession with the band Pavement was the inspiration for my next podcast. The niche “Meeting Malkmus — a Pavement podcast” has created a wonderful community of Pavement fans in a Facebook group which currently has over 250 members. The show aimed to do two things — work through the catalogue of the band track by track, week by week as well as having an overarching narrative that perhaps someday I would get to meet singer amd primary song writer, Stephen Malkmus. The show launched on January 17, 2019, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Pavement’s first ever release. On February 14, 2022, I actually did meet Malkmus in a one-hour interview to wrap up the 120-plus episodes of the show.  In 2020 Jamie began pre-Production on a new concept, a Hall of Fame for the revered show Saturday Night Live. “The SNL Hall of Fame” podcast premiered in tandem with the Season 47 premiere and culminated with a live stream on the SNL Network. The 35-episode first season offered fascinating interviews with journalists, podcasters, pundits and fans alike offering their take on the weekly nominee. Through the show, I am aiming to foster a community of SNL fans who eventually vote on the nominees with induction into the Hall being the end game.  With season two of the SNL podcast in production, I stepped away from the microphone to focus on producing the entire oeuvre of podcasts in the pipeline. “The Berman Project” is a spin-off of “Meeting Malkmus” and “A Show of Strength” in that it attempts to dissect and analyze the work of poet/singer/songwriter David Berman while discussing my journey to mental wellness. Getting Hip to The Hip was my second kick at The Tragically Hip, this time with the premise being that I was taking my friends on a journey through the catalogue, the catch being that they had never heard of the band before. Recently I added Pop Culture Five to the network. In this podcast Thomas Sena and Deremy Dove choose five essential songs, tv shows, movies within a certain genre or topic. Currently, I am hard at work. getting well while creating and expressing my creativity in the wonderful and diverse world of podcasting at Dewvre podcasts & such.

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