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Meeting Malkmus - a Pavement Podcast is an obsessive and exhaustive deep-dive into the songs of the seminal '90s indie rock band Pavement. Working in chronological order according to the date of release, your host jD, takes a song-by-song trip through the Stockton, California group's catalog, from their very first track - You're Killing Me - through their five full-length albums and EPs, including 1992 classic "Slanted & Enchanted," their 1994 breakthrough "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" and their 1999 swan song "Terror Twilight." In each episode, jD hyper-focuses on one song, describing its sound, deconstructing its lyrics and detailing its context, including cool stories from the band's heyday. The goal of the show is twofold: Fold #1: To help others fully appreciate the works of the world’s greatest indie rock band, and Fold #2: to someday, perhaps meet the podcast's namesake - Stephen Malkmus.

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