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Jamie Dew has always enjoyed entertaining people. Some of his earliest memories involve lip-sync concerts for friends or regurgitating the latest SNL sketches to classmates. Although he has been podcasting for over 10 years at this point, jD still gets a thrill at coming up with a new idea that he can share with the world via his podcast network, Dewvre podcasts & such. With 2 daughters and two miniature schnauzers, jD has a busy, but fun-filled home life. If you’re looking for him, you’re likely to find him at the computer immersed in music or creating his latest podcast opus if he’s not out for a walk just enjoying the sunshine and exercise. 


Rico Borrego

Born in 1996 in the Pacific Northwest, Rico Borrego has been pursuing all aspects of music which is the main passion in his life. Between hosting a music podcast with his musician brother (Relatively Sound), to writing his own music and collecting vinyl records, it’s safe to say that Rico lives and breathes music.

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