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Craig Rogers

Born in Vancouver, Craig has lived in beautiful BC his entire life. His deep love of music began with playing the saxophone in grade 6 band. After picking up the guitar a couple of years later, he immediately began writing and performing in original rock bands. Highlights included two cross-Canada tours in 1996, opening for 54-40 at the University of Northern BC, and a performance on the local stage at Lollapalooza ’95.

In 2002, Craig graduated from UBC with a degree in music, followed by an education degree in 2003. During this time, he started the band Windows ’78, releasing a full-length album, ‘The Window Seat’, in 2006, followed by the self-recorded EP ‘Again’ in 2011. After a lengthy break from the saxophone, Craig joined the Fraser Valley Wind Ensemble for 12 seasons. In an unexpected turn of events, he happened upon an advertisement, “looking for a Paul Langlois for our new Hip tribute band”. Replying with a confident, “I’m your guy!”, Craig joined the group ‘Gift Shop’ and has been performing regularly around the lower mainland for the past year and a half.

Craig was lucky enough to see the Hip perform 18 times over the years, beginning with the legendary show at Seabird Island in 1993. After Gord’s passing, Craig picked up a copy of, “Introduce Yerself,” which remains unopened. He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for; however, he felt there would be a time when it would feel right. The time has come. It’s time for 'Discovering Downie'! Craig currently resides in Langley, BC, with his wife and two children.



Jamie Dew has always enjoyed entertaining people. Some of his earliest memories involve lip-sync concerts for friends or regurgitating the latest SNL sketches to classmates. Although he has been podcasting for over 10 years at this point, jD still gets a thrill at coming up with a new idea that he can share with the world via his podcast network, Dewvre podcasts & such. With 2 daughters and two miniature schnauzers, jD has a busy, but fun-filled home life. If you’re looking for him, you’re likely to find him at the computer immersed in music or creating his latest podcast opus if he’s not out for a walk just enjoying the sunshine and exercise. 

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Justin St. Louis

Justin has been a Vermonter his whole life – except for that weird stint in Asheville, NC a decade ago – which means a life heavily influenced by Canadian culture. Justin’s hometown only had access to 12 cable channels, including the CBC, CTV, and RDS (in French). Stock car racing and hockey have always been a big deal in Justin’s family, which has meant dozens – maybe hundreds – of road trips north to races or games or whatever else. Montréal is only 90 minutes away, and Justin and his idiot friends saw the sun come up on the island more times than they should’ve during their 20s. A camel did $2,000 in damage to his wife’s car at Parc Safari in Québec last year. Justin fell in love with The Hip in high school during the Phantom Power/Music @ Work era, and the last 25-plus years have been wonderful. He got to see three live shows including the penultimate concert in Ottawa, he worked the band into his wedding vows, and he and Linda’s six-year-old daughter isn’t sure if her favourite song is In View or Bobcaygeon.


Kirk Lane

Kirk is a Southern California native currently living in Chino, CA with his wife and two of his three adult children. An event technology producer by trade, he is also a musician who performs regularly in the SoCal area both as a solo artist and with his band, The Darryls. Kirk is also very involved with the 7th St. Community Theatre as a technical director, sometime actor and producer of the podcast Steps to the Stage highlighting productions at the location. If there are any hours left in the day, he also enjoys getting yelled at as a soccer referee or risking his life skateboarding or rock climbing despite his advanced age. Mr. Lane's faithful dog Indy demands regular walks and focused attention.

Kirk’s Hip journey started in the early 2000’s after being introduced to the band by Canadian friends he worked and played hockey with. He had the benefit of seeing the group in smaller venues in LA/OC area and San Francisco in California.  Kirk’s very excited to be a part of Discovering Downie and diving deep into Gord’s solo work.

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