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Jamie Dew has always enjoyed entertaining people. Some of his earliest memories involve lip-sync concerts for friends or regurgitating the latest SNL sketches to classmates. Although he has been podcasting for over 10 years at this point, jD still gets a thrill at coming up with a new idea that he can share with the world via his podcast network, Dewvre podcasts & such. With 2 daughters and two miniature schnauzers, jD has a busy, but fun-filled home life. If you’re looking for him, you’re likely to find him at the computer immersed in music or creating his latest podcast opus if he’s not out for a walk just enjoying the sunshine and exercise. 

Pete Machica.jpg

Pete Marchica

Pete is a Southern California born and raised musician now living on the southern coast of Spain. He loves going on hikes with his wife and his dog, and has a penchant for music and movies from the 90’s. Prior to being introduced to the Hip, Pete has been on a healthy diet of Rush and Trailer Park Boys since the early 2000s. He’s currently the singer and guitarist of the Spanish-American indie rock band “Marchica”, which has just wrapped up recording their second album due out sometime in the Fall of 2023. 

Tim Lyden.jpg

Tim Lyden

Born and raised in Southern California, Tim has called Portland, Oregon, home, off and on for over 20 years. His life mostly revolves around family and close friends, listening to great music and anticipating happy hour. With family in both Spain and Italy, he travels as much as possible while planning an expat life, which for him, isn’t coming fast enough. In his free time he can be found designing and building spaces to relax at his home, mostly in his back garden, and playing loud music. When he’s not around after dark, he’s likely out watching bands play. Catch him if you can, but beware, he may get chatty!

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Dan from London

This is where Dan's bio will go. 

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