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Embark on an enthralling odyssey with three unwavering devotees of The Tragically Hip, each possessing an unswerving passion yet a blind spot for the mystique surrounding the band's charismatic frontman's solo ventures. They'll be taken on a journey through Gord's discography, one record at a time by their host jD.

Introducing 'Discovering Downie,' an eleven-part exploration delving into the profound artistic legacy of the late Gord Downie. Journeying from the evocative 'Coke Machine Glow' to the mesmerizing 'Lustre Parfait,' our quartet, comprised of Craig Rogers, jD, Justin St. Louis, and Kirk Lane, meticulously dissects Downie's discography, unveiling a nuanced appreciation, one record at a time, week after week.

Embark on this captivating expedition with us as we unearth hidden gems within Gord's eight solo albums and delve into the tapestry of his poetic works. Join the conversation, subscribe, share, and indulge in the auditory richness of the latest podcast from Dewvre podcasts & such. 

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